Realness {FAQ}

Doing the teaser is tough.  The teaser, in case you’ve never tried Pilates, is a move where a person balances on hir sacrum, legs and arms up at a forty-five-degree angle, and spine-rolls up and down to complete that pose using the powerhouse/core/abdominal muscles only.  I was better at it when I was recovering from surgery almost a year ago (T-minus four days, in fact, from today) since all I was allowed to do was Pilates and other stationary exercises.

Hey look, I match my towels!

What kind of surgery did I have?

The second of two surgeries from which I discerned the title of this blog: bunion surgery on my left great toe.  I am the proud ownie of four titanium screws, two in each big toe, as a result of each surgery.  Bunion surgery is relatively minor surgery; the procedure lasts about forty-minutes and I had mine in a surgery centre instead of in a hospital.  I could put weight on it on the same day, and I had a walking cast (the “boot”)four about four weeks.  My brother called me a pirate since I stumped around like Captain Barbossa.

Q, what’s an ownie?
Q—is that your real name?

Does anyone comprehend how cheeky that question is, asking someone if what they just told you to call them is their real name?  My name derives from my first nickname, Ownie.

Say what now?

Here’s the long story: I began collecting plush cats when I was four. 

Pepper, the first cat:

When I was five or six, I thought, instead of calling myself a pet owner--for I viewed my cat collection as my pets and playmates--I should call myself Ownie.  Ownie was a either feminised or diminutive version of owner.  Like the nickname Suzy Q, my mother (“Ownie Mom”) began calling me Ownie Q.  Then my family shortened that to Q.  Now all I go by is Q.  So, yes, it’s my real name, in my reality.

Now I have over two hundred plush kitties and I am always looking for more.  I collect other plush critters, too, but I’m mainly a cat person.

Maximus eying my veggie burger:

I’m living with this brash cat and his shy sister this summer.

Pie and pasta coming soon.


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