22 November 2011

Pumpkin Pie Recipe! Quick! Quick!

The title of this post is not intentionally misleading.  The pie itself is time-consuming, as is all pie, but I managed to have time to bake it and read forty or so pages of American literature for class tomorrow.  Now I’m writing this and listening to the strange turn my Rammstein channel on Pandora has taken, featuring classical arrangements of alternative songs.  I may eat this pie for breakfast since I have yet to make lunch and breakfast for tomorrow.

18 November 2011

Coconut Heart Cakes

Have a piece of my heart.  Or tear my heart to pieces, can do that, too.

Non-Thanksgiving Food: Curried Lentils

I understand, it is expected that I should post something about Thanksgiving food, since the American holiday is next week.  But I’m not going to.  Maybe next week.  Defying expectations, that’s what we’re good at.

12 November 2011


If I had a Polish grandmother, she would be rolling over in her grave right now, or wondering why I would mess with someone’s time-honoured recipe.  I was bored?  Not at all; I have too much schoolwork, applications, and reading material to be bored. 

10 November 2011


I have a few lists and piles: there’s a pile of scrap paper with topics and scribbles about poems that I want to write, subjects upon which I want to discourse, discuss, disgust, disguise.  To the cover of my notebook, I binder-clipped a list of places I’d like to visit, activities I’d like to do, and objects I’d like to own.  I also carry a list of food projects I’d like to attempt.  By attempt, I mean throw caution to the wall, throttle it until it turns blue, and release it in disgust that I ever had any truck with it, and just do whatever I was about to do.

Squirrel in my parents' backyard from 2011

03 November 2011

Decompressing: Chocolate Pecan Brownie Pie

Hello from Alexandria!  

I have been having a wonder-filled fall break back in the D.C. metro area.  After making excellent time from NJ (3.5 hours!) last Thursday, I made a pumpkin pie as soon as I arrived at my aunt and uncle’s house.

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