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Wait, Wait, One More Thing! Bonobo Bread

Some very good vibes in the kitchen today on the last day of 2011.  I made Bonobo Bread (also known as Cinnamon Pull-Apart Bread), pumpkin quiche, and chocolate cake.  The quiche and the cake recipes are those previously mentioned on this blog.

Chocolate Mousse

A lovely dessert for all occasions, chocolate mousse makes passing good vice cream when frozen, too.

You guessed it--no pictures! Just cats.


After a long search for a vegan pizzelle recipe last year, and a pile of fail at de-glutenizing them this spring, I present to you a recipe that passes muster.

The Holidays and You: Perfect Together? | Melty Mints

Remember that old New Jersey tourism slogan, “New Jersey and You: Perfect Together”?  Can you be a tourist this holiday, observing but not being of them?  Granted, there’s also the tourist philosophy of, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”  My family’s not from Rome (Naples and Sicily, thank you very much).

On Hold: Chocolate Pumpkin Peanut Butter Soup

Whew!  I feel like I’ve been putting my life on hold.  It’s still on hold 'til I write one more final tomorrow.  Until I can answer the call, though, here’s a recipe, which I ate with pumpkin bread.

Hot Dang! Chocolate Chilli

No pictures, again!
Greetings.  Busy week, but what can I say.  The going-to-class part of the semester is almost over and done with.  Exams, however, will not conclude until the end of January.  Great Scot!  My undergrad years better be the last time I go to a school that has exams after winter break.

Pink Goo

Hey y’all.  When I first saw this recipe, I ran to my aunt and said, “I can make that.”  So I made it for Thanksgiving.