30 July 2011

Excuses, Excuses

Busy day today.  Second time I used thesis work as an excuse not to go out.  Truth be told, I prefer to stay in and work on my art projects rather than go out and be social.  I compiled poems, made a blueberry pie, made tangy pasta nests, and made cilantro-spinach-almond pesto.  I will post the recipes sometime, but I offer teaser pictures.

Here is a brownie recipe I made and brought to work this week; it is a mash-up of several recipes since I couldn’t find one to make what I wanted: moist brownies, not fudge, not sheet cake.

16 July 2011

Baker on the Fly on a Friday Afternoon

After intern work on Friday, I metro’d to Trader Joe’s on the way to my brother’s apartment and bought dinner and dessert ingredients.  My parents are in the area, visiting my brother and me.  We ended up going out to dinner, which meant two OK salads for me and cider for dessert, but at least I had time to make some sweet cornbread to sneak with me, for edible grains and solid dessert purposes.  Since my brother didn’t have any non-dairy milk in stock (though he usually drinks almond milk), and I ignored that small voice in my head telling me to buy some at TJ’s, I omitted it in the batch of cornbread I baked yesterday.  What, a 32-ounce box of milk is bulky and I was tired.  I used raw blue agave nectar (hey, it was the same price as regular agave nectar and I don’t notice the difference since I don’t consume it straight up), unsweetened applesauce, cinnamon, and canola oil.  The first picture below is from a two months ago, when I made cornbread with pumpkin, and the other picture shows my first pure-corn cornbread after gluten and I parted ways.

09 July 2011


Sugar-Coated Escapism, for your reading pleasure.

Well, I’m out of the dorm for the summer and am living near the big city!  For a person from the northwest corner of nowhere, this is a big deal.


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