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Beer and Pizza

Post I of III on vegan and gluten-free beer

Pizza and beer…well, for me, I’d like root or birch beer to drink with pizza, not the hard stuff.  However, beer-braised onions are one of the summer grilling season’s delights that I miss terribly.  This recipe would be a tonne of fun to make on the grill, but, alas, no outdoor grill for Q.  Nevertheless, there was about a cup and a half of Bob’s Red Mill All-Purpose GF blend to be used, and use it I would in a savoury application.


Thoughts from lunch break.  The sandwich opposed mindfulness in its first use.  The Earl of Sandwich wanted to do two things at once—eat and play cards, as the story goes.  “What Sandwich is having” facilitates speed of consumption.  Granted, combinations of food aren’t inherently unmindful, and one can eat a sandwich mindfully, focusing all five senses on the object.  Howeer, the sandwich is oft associated—as is the wrap and the Western sushi roll—with grab ‘n’ go fare, meant to be consumed while doing something else (driving, checking email, playing cards).  One’s attention is thus divided and weakened towards both tasks.  One does not appreciate the ingredients of the sandwich as individuals or in harmony when eating and doing something else.

The Digital Record; Harvest Moons

My toe-screws have been aching—and then there was a weather change.  I felt it yesterday and thought, oh, maybe running for five minutes caused a little achey-achey.  Yesterday was gorgeous blue sky and slight humidity in D.C.  Then today—bam!—dampness.  Bunion surgery is good for something besides removing bursae. 

Spring *Brack*

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
Made Irish tea brack this week to share at work since VGF Irish soda bread is nothing special.  OK, I’ll give myself credit; it’s nothing special outside my household.  In class this week, we were discussing how the ancient Romans and Greeks defined one’s family as one’s household.  Being a student, my household is a complicated matter.  I realised last week that I rarely spend more than three to four nights in the same place (you can’t assassinate me, hah hah!).  In a two-week span, I could be home for three nights, at my grandparents’ house for a night, at school for four nights, at my aunt and uncle’s for three nights, and so it continues.  Spring break will be an exception to that pattern since I will be in one place for more than a week (but just barely).

Biscuit Science

As it is midterms and high-stress thesis time, I’m trying to cut back on sugar (I brought the carrot cake to work, FYI).  I made these cookies/biscuit/snack thingers for microlunch and other noshing purposes.

Irish Soda Bread

Though I am not a lick of Irish, I enjoy putting on my kilt (nor am I a lick of Scottish) and eating Irish soda bread leading up to and on St. Patrick’s Day.

Made to Suffer

I used raisins in all three recipes I present to you below.  "Made to suffer:" I think that was a card title in some Star Wars card game I bought in the early 2000s.  This week at school, I thought of C-3PO saying to R2-D2, we were made to suffer.  I know, I know, before you even start hitting me in the knees with the bag of guilt bricks, I’ve got it covered—I really have nothing about which to complain, relatively speaking.  Besides midterms, thesis, and job search, a few weeks ago I ate some chips that I thought were GF, but they contained wheat, and I have not felt properly well since then.  Then last week I was served a cookie that wasn't GF, though I had asked for a GF one.  Yes, eating wheat really sets me back that badly.

Circular: Full Circle with Polenta and Family

Final circle: polenta pie. 

My uncle asked me if this was vegan shepherd’s pie, and I low-blood-sugar snapped that it wasn’t.  In hindsight, it is: Italian peasant shepherd’s pie.  I used turnip greens instead of the original spinach because I usually eat spinach for salad greens anyway.  Besides, spinach is bourgeois these days; turnip greens, though being rediscovered by hipsters and the like, are peasant food.  Using kale would straddle both the traditional and the elite.  Toscano kale would just make this, but, alas, I settled for the frozen turnip greens.  I also added a can of beans since I like protein.  I used black beans, which makes the dish a tad southwestern.  If I used cumin and the Southwest spice profile…you see where this can go.  I’ve been making combinations of grains lately to use up the odd 2/3 cup of rice, quinoa, lentils, et cetera all in one big batch.  Since I didn’t have enough polenta for this recipe, I added sushi rice and oats to make a sticky mixture.

Circular: Circle 2 is Cheezecake

Oh yes, very good.  I really like Crazy Richard’s unadulterated peanut butter, though Maranatha’s organic peanut butter is high on my list of “what food would you bring with you to survive the zombie apocalypse?”  I’ve been watching and reading The Walking Dead for the past few days.  Wonderful bedtime reading.


Most of the food featured below was made (and probably stored) in circular equipment.  Much like my logic.
Last Sunday, when I returned to New Jersey, I made a pecan-oatmeal pie in a raisin-oat-almond crust.  I modified the usual pecan pie filling recipe that I’ve been using for the traditional pecan pie and chocolate pecan brownie pie, adding oats, according to this Cooking Light recipe.  My mom has made this pie a fair few times as post-Thanksgiving pie, and I wanted it, deglutinised, four months later.  You could make it with the traditional flour-based crust, but I made a nut-oat-raisin one just ’cause.

Train of Thought, Fungi, Chocolate Hearts, Chia Seeds, and Other Products

I was about to write, “quick post,” then I realised I’ve used that excuse one too many times here.  As Neil Gaiman writes about writing in one of the Sandman volumes, "Never explain, never apologise."  I’m going to make time to write this because I enjoy blogging.  Simple enough.  

Mudd Library Edit-a-thon and a Betty Crocker Recipe Re-do


A Slice of the Wiki Pie

Greetings from the National Archives in Washington, D.C.!  I’m attending the Wikipedia GLAMcamp D.C. in order to learn more about how I, as a student worker at my school’s archives, can facilitate GLAM-Wikipedia collaboration.  You can learn more about GLAMs and Wikipedia here:

Sweet Spot

Have you ever stood in the shower, fiddling with the knob for the water and discovered there’s a point above which the water’s obnoxiously hot?  A mere millimetre below that spot, the water’s glacial.  Then if you spend about five minutes, undressed, messing with the dial, you can have a perfect blend of lava and ice floe.  Of course, having two knobs—one for hot and one for cold—simplifies this matter.  As you may suspect, I just took a shower.  Mind you, taking a shower is not a big production for me; I don’t mention showering because it’s unusual for me to do so.  Freshman year, my roommates noted that I take short showers.  Taking a less than ten-minute shower was called taking a “Q-rate shower” amongst residents of Buyers 12.  When I was younger and had less surface area, I took really short showers (OK, so, my brother and I would time each other…bragging rights for the one who took the quickest showers and managed to scrub everywhere despite time constraints).

National Chocolate Cake Day 2012

Friday, 27 January is National Chocolate Cake Day in the U.S.  Why, I have no clue.  There appears to be no corporate sponsorship (unlike the Pie Day earlier in the month).  I brought mini chocolate cake donuts to volunteer-work.

Pancakes, as American as Walt Whitman

Pancakes!  I have a well-formed recipe.  Been reading Whitman, hence the "well-(past participle)".

Quickbread for a Quick Post | Apple Butter Chocolate Chip Muffbars

Snowed in today.  Much thesis-ing, besides making sushi filled with a rice-and-lentil moosh, blending hommos, and baking & chilling coconut cream pie.   At this point, I still owe a "how to frost a cake" post and a "bread pudding" post.

Good bring-to-work/class fare: I made these bars many times in spring 2011 since these are a convenient way to use up bananas fast going south or a third of a jar of apple butter or a bit of get the idea.

A Bouquet of Shout-Outs | Rice Pudding

This being the month of January, it’s time I took stock of a few things.  Some people (who are not related to me) have been incredibly good to me in the past few weeks whom I’d like to recognize.

Pound Cake

Pound cake!  Without a pound of anything in it.  I’m probably not the best judge of taste since I have a cold, but it tasted pretty darn good.  

Quinoa and Chix Kickasserole

Today, besides thesis work and figuring out my operations here (laundry, organizing my food in the pantry and freezer), I made a big entrée to portion out and freeze for munching throughout the year.  I ate some soup on Thursday that I made in May, hence why I say that I will eat frozen entrees throughout the year.

Transition Week | Banana Sour Kream Cake

O hai!

It’s Caturday, and I remembered I needed to make a blog post for this week in order to keep up my minimum.  It’s been a transition week as I’m living in Alexandria and volunteering in D.C. for the month of January.  My health is in transition too; I picked up a cold as I adjusted to the early hours I keep while volunteering in the city.