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Train of Thought, Fungi, Chocolate Hearts, Chia Seeds, and Other Products

I was about to write, “quick post,” then I realised I’ve used that excuse one too many times here.  As Neil Gaiman writes about writing in one of the Sandman volumes, "Never explain, never apologise."  I’m going to make time to write this because I enjoy blogging.  Simple enough.  

Mudd Library Edit-a-thon and a Betty Crocker Recipe Re-do


A Slice of the Wiki Pie

Greetings from the National Archives in Washington, D.C.!  I’m attending the Wikipedia GLAMcamp D.C. in order to learn more about how I, as a student worker at my school’s archives, can facilitate GLAM-Wikipedia collaboration.  You can learn more about GLAMs and Wikipedia here:

Sweet Spot

Have you ever stood in the shower, fiddling with the knob for the water and discovered there’s a point above which the water’s obnoxiously hot?  A mere millimetre below that spot, the water’s glacial.  Then if you spend about five minutes, undressed, messing with the dial, you can have a perfect blend of lava and ice floe.  Of course, having two knobs—one for hot and one for cold—simplifies this matter.  As you may suspect, I just took a shower.  Mind you, taking a shower is not a big production for me; I don’t mention showering because it’s unusual for me to do so.  Freshman year, my roommates noted that I take short showers.  Taking a less than ten-minute shower was called taking a “Q-rate shower” amongst residents of Buyers 12.  When I was younger and had less surface area, I took really short showers (OK, so, my brother and I would time each other…bragging rights for the one who took the quickest showers and managed to scrub everywhere despite time constraints).