28 April 2012

April Fool's Black Bean Brownies

To go with this chilly weather, an end-of-April Fool’s joke, I made black bean brownies.  “Hiding” ingredients like zucchini, kale, sweet potatoes, black beans, avocado, tofu, and other such stereotypically healthy food in dessert or snackish food is one, a pastime of mine, and two, fits the genre of April Fool’s food.

Nooch and Beans

Dear ones,
Something possessed me to eat a spoonful of nooch at 15:30 on Monday afternoon.  I opened the jar of nutritional yeast I had bought in bulk, stuck in a spoon, and inhaled, chewed, and swallowed about a tablespoon of nooch straight up.  (No, I did not double-dip or eat over the jar.)

21 April 2012

Hamster Wheel

It’s not a cute one, the hamster, that is.  I graduate in 45 days.  Forrrrrrty-fiiiiive days.  Well, time is only going to move as quickly as it does, so I’m not wishing my life away or anything.

14 April 2012

Spring Cleaning the Freezer

On to the cleaning.  I went home this weekend and cleaned out the corner of the freezer in which I have been accumulating various vegan and GF bits and bobs (i.e., the effects of the sentiment, "let’s double the recipe so I can not cook five days a week").  Mainly I had dessert detritus which would take a while to consume individually.

Spring Cleaning

…Not to the tune of “Spring” by Rammstein.  That song is slow, whereas cleaning needs must be quick and efficient.  

I have senioritis!  Not having to spend my Fridays…and Saturdays…and Sunday evenings on my critical paper is most freeing.  Two things I will miss about college are not having class on Fridays and having break during my birthday.

06 April 2012

One Thing at a Time, for Realz

When I arrived at my grandparents’ house last night to spend the Easter weekend, I resolved to cook so much that when I took a shower, I would smell bread when the water first hits me.  When I make my gingerbread, I end up smelling like gingerbread all day, which is a very nice thing.  Were I ever to try to ensnare someone’s affections with food, I would make gingerbread in order to one, feed them, and two, make me smell nice.

One Thing at a Time

The title is a reference to recovery programs; I wrote my thesis on creative recovery programs.

On Monday, when I returned to campus, I had a few options: park car and think how low on gas I was for the next three days BUT have time to read, OR I could take care of it right then.  Back at school, I could do six things at once and read, OR I could sit down, proofread my thesis, and then submit it for binding.

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