28 February 2013

Dear $(6,4)@#: Smoothies are healthy, right?

$(6,4)@#, the pen name of one of my plush cats, answers a question from the mailbag. Or from the aether, as Ownie has heard this question quite a bit.

Dear $(6,4)@#,
What’s this smoothie craze all about? Why does putting my food in the blender benefit me? Clearly it does, if I see juices and smoothies in the cold case at every place from Wawa to Whole Foods. How do I make a good smoothie?

Smoothie Seeker

23 February 2013


This recipe has been on my recipe bucket list for over a year. Ownie Mom has had this recipe in her pile of recipes to make for about the same amount of time. She beat me to the punch—or roll, in this case—on New Year’s Eve by making these for brunch.

21 February 2013


Though it is now full-blown Lent, I’m sharing my Mardi Gras luncheon because there’s nothing about it that’s sinful or off-limits in the fasting and abstinence sense, as far as I know. I can and will go on at length about how food is not “sinful” and should not cause guilt. Food is neutral. We bring the guilt as a side dish or a sauce. We also have the ability not to partake, but instead to enjoy our treats or what-have-ye mindfully and in appropriate-to-ourselves amounts.

16 February 2013

Simple Gifts: Sweet Potato Supper

Post III of III in Simple Gifts series


What’s missing? What does it mean to miss something? What am I missing? What are you missing? What do I miss right now?

I saw this article on missing someone was “recommended for me” when I was reading an article about yoga on Mind Body Green.  What my cookies say about me, I tell ya.

14 February 2013

Lady Neona Tribute: Tahini Soup

Lady Neona Tribute: Tahini Soup

There's a branch on my spiritual family tree that this morning curled towards light coming from a different direction. The Lady Neona Alansyn of the Abbey at Kilbride Croft has left us mortals, passing away to--another round on the wheel of rebirth? Nirvana? Who's to say? All's there is to say is what's in front of us: that she is beyond the suffering she experienced in this lifetime as she bravely fought cancer to the end.

09 February 2013

Simple Gifts: Revolutionary Black Bean Brownie Dip

Post II of III in Simple Gifts series

Changing your health, particularly losing weight, isn't just about letting go of pounds, it's also about letting go of that which doesn't serve you: people, jobs, over-the-top responsibilities, habits...in short,


A revolutionary new way to have a brownie is this proteinaceous snack or pudding or dessert. It will satisfy you and give you energy to burn without a crash because the plant protein and fibre will slow down the absorption of the sugar from the dates.

07 February 2013

Simple Gifts: Beet Caraway Slaw

This recipe is ridiculously simple. I had beet stems leftover from buying beets in November. Instead of chewing through them raw or using them in juice, I decided to tenderize them in a quick “refrigerator pickle” with sauerkraut.  For fun, I threw in some raw apple cider vinegar, caraway seeds, and German mustard.  So that the beets and acidic juices wouldn’t turn a container pink, I used a glass container.  I stuck it in the back of the fridge and forgot about it for a few hours. When I took it out, the beet stems had become slightly less chewy and the sour, salty sauerkraut had balanced their natural sweetness.  Success! Similarly, I made stinky raw daikon more palatable by grating it on a mandolin cutter and combining it with sweet crushed pineapple for a slaw of sorts. Then I ran these recipes together and made daikon kraut slaw.

04 February 2013

The Brack is Back

Today I present two recipes using golden assam tea, both of which were made for “events.” 

Golden Assam Tea Bread

and Irish Tea Brack

But Q, you say, I thought you weren’t going to post more than one recipe per post?!  Well, no, I’m trying not to, but one of these recipes is a rerun.  I ought to trust myself more. As I searched for this recipe, I failed to take into account that after I separated out the recipes from my gonzo 2011-2012 posts, I have two posts with “brack” in the title, and the bread recipe was in the second post. I knew it was on this blog somewhere! Anyway, I redid the recipe, and I used chia seeds in the egg replacer since I think they bind better. I used different dried fruit as I have a friend with date sensitivity. I also used different flours in a different ratio since that’s what I have in my pantry.

02 February 2013

Miceli Brownies

I believe one should speak one's mind. I have nothing nice, as in pleasant or organised, to say right now, coming off or through the job transition, so I will not say anything. Not here, anyway. Much processing to keep doing.

Today I present Miceli Brownies, or "Knock You Nakeds," caramel-filled brownies or cake bars. They are dense, chewy, and mad crazy sweet. I invite your submissions of your rhapsodical memories from Lenape or Princeton when my mother or I made them and brought them to events or I returned to school with a container in tow.

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