27 June 2013

Seasonal Switch

Seasonal Switch

Cliché: when faced with a challenge, go with your strengths.

Thinking: when faced with the unknown, what’s in your toolbox?

For this week’s foodie call, I made a honey-ginger slush. I was divinely inspired on Monday night and scribbled down this recipe. I can’t claim credit for something that was literally granted from on high, no? AMDG.

Or perhaps it was a case of filling the well. I was paging through some of Lady Neona’s cookery books before bed since I was sleeping in the library. It’s so difficult to sleep in the library, both in the Abbey and at my grandparents’ house, because the books call to me—“Read me! Read me!” So having just read cookbooks, I had ideas, no?

Q in the library with the compy at the grandparents’ house, circa 2012.

I don’t know and uncertainty about the thought’s source (or Source) doesn’t bother me. As Jillian Michaels says, “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. How’s that for a cliché?”

Looking in my toolbox, my strengths at work include Vitamixing and smoothies. So there I went. The honey ginger slush earned me first place, and I present it to you below.

Honey Ginger Slush
Makes 2 litres

3 inches ginger, peeled and diced
1 cup honey (I prefer local buckwheat honey)
3 cups ice
1 cup water (or enough to make the blades spin)

Add the ingredients to a Vitamix or food processor and let ’er rip until you’ve reached the desired consistency.

This is my take on the wintertime drink. Colds and sore throats don’t discriminate based on season; this drink will fix you up in the same way.

Is this healthy? I would cap a serving at 4 ounces. Honey is less processed than sugar, but it is sweeter than sugar. This drink is a bunch of empty calories that if you don’t burn, get converted to fat. How efficient nature is, yes.

Would I take it as medicine or a pick-me-up? Yes.

Is this vegan? No. Honey is not vegan because it is a product of sentient beings, or should I say, bee-ings. I chose to use local honey since I would be supporting a smaller, nearby producer versus a large corporation. If I can’t meet all of my ethical requirements, I can try to meet some!

Is it clean (as in, minimally processed)? Three ingredients: honey, ginger, and water two ways—I’d say that’s clean.

Besides its not being vegan, I avoid honey because it makes me spacey; the higher sugar content and the fact that it is created by aerial beings explains that effect. Spacey-making is the last thing I need while moving! I bought some sweet potatoes and had my favourite sweet potato supper for lunch and I have been drinking beet-pineapple-pink Shakeology smoothies. Root veggies keep you rooted. Sounds simple, but it works.


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