27 July 2013

Going Clean II: Detox Tea

Having your head stuck up your ass so far you can't see is the wrong kind of flexibility.

25 July 2013

Chutney & Authenticity

For a theme of "curry," I made peach plum coconut chutney. While it may not meet the Wikipedia definition of chutney (which I have no doubt is authentic; no sarcasm here) as it is uncooked, it's delicious. I would serve it with something plain, like tofu or noodles, since it is vibrantly spicy. You could add a hot pepper or some cayenne and take it up to your desired level of spiciness. The curry powder you choose also influences the heat.

20 July 2013

Going Clean: Strawberry Avocado Salsa

My assignment: Go maketh something tasty with the One-Day Deal item, strawberries. I wanted Mexican food, so yesterday I made strawberry salsa, which included avocado at the behest of the marketing team leader. Mango and pineapple salsas are a thing, so why not strawberry salsa? Aguacates y fresas son frutas tambien.

18 July 2013

Cookie Dough Dip--What in the Hooh Hah is in a Name?

Rather than quote a lot of Shakespeare, or speak in meta-voice about how much I struggled to write this post (I didn't...I just began writing), I begin at the beginning.

What is in a name?

As I served this dessert that met the Health Starts Here standards for Wednesday's Foodie Call, I refined my description. "Sweet hommos" was a turn-off to a lot of people. Come on, foodies, you'd try garlic ice cream, right? Roasted garlic ice cream would actually be pretty tasty, methinks. "Cookie Dough" confused many people into thinking it was actually raw dough. Nope, it's the flavour. Kind of like "Birthday Cake" ice cream from Coldstone Creamery. It ain't cake; it tastes reminiscent of the real deal. I could go on, and I don't intend to insult the patrons' intelligence. I'll pacify myself with the platitude, "genius is usually misunderstood," wink wink. Anyway, I didn't scale up the dates enough when I used an entire case of beans to make enough, so the dip was not as sweet as it usually is. 

13 July 2013

Chocolate Banana Cake

White vinegar: it’ll clean your windows and mirrors, de-scale your teapot, and make your vegan cake rise.

11 July 2013

The Sticky Rice Saga

The Sticky Rice Saga

In winter 2012, my aunt visited a friend of hers who is Thai. The friend made sticky rice for dessert and served it with bananas. My aunt and I tried recreating it with sushi rice and then with genuine Thai sticky rice. By the end of our experimentations, we had about ten pounds of Thai sticky rice in the house and no satisfactory results from the recipes we had.

06 July 2013


It’s squash season, or as I say it in my head, “skvosh.”

When I can use my mom’s or my grandmother’s food processors, I jump on it. I like my squash grated.

04 July 2013

Sacrifice II

Sacrifice II

My mother would be proud of me. This recipe contains chocolate chips. In the words of one of my fellow team members, “Is it going to be healthy, or good?” when I described the recipe I was going to present for yesterday’s Foodie Call. I remade the cereal bars I made last year for my friend Liz’s Fourth of July shindig. Calling them “Sacrifice to the Gods of Freedom and Democracy” would probably turn off most folk. Here is my recipe for the huge batch (three sheet pans!) of “Trail Treats.” You can customise the crunchy bits and trail mix to your heart’s content.

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