07 September 2013

Luddite or Ludic? Tahini Granola

If you have known and corresponded with me for any length of time, at some point you will receive a picture of a written page instead of a typed message. In the case of my dear friend KJC, I sent her fourteen-page letters composed over several days and Metro rides last fall, pretty much every week. Writing is more efficient for me than typing, though I type faster than I write. Not all efficiency is speed, however. Writing with pen and paper satisfies me physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally more than typing (though there of course are times where my graphomania requires digital paper and ink, and much of it). Nay, while I may seem to undergo Luddite fits in which I shun technology, generally I am amenable to the shiny devices (phone, compy, iPad, iPod, camera) and the connectivity they provide. I just make them work for me.

Tahini Granola

Parting Shots:

We had no A/C in the apartment Sunday-Tuesday. All my coconut oil went liquid.

I was sick on Tuesday. Here is my detox lunch: apple, chickpea noodle miso soup with lots of cayenne and black pepper (and kale. Always kale), and detox tea.

I make my Rawmeal protein shakes with non-dairy milk and ice and freeze them up to a few days in advance of consumption. They yerba mate ones tend to separate with this blue-green slimy layer on top. Tastes fine, just looks like a science experiment.

I bought salad for supper at work today. Don't touch my leftovers.

It took until tonight, almost a week later, for the coconut oil to solidify.

September's Challenge Exercises (from a Tumblr post I can't find). Plus 100 crunches each day.


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