03 October 2013

Beeting the System

I came home from work. I made soup. I ate it. I was calm.

Beet Broth and Onions
16 ounces steaming water from cooking beets and turnips
1 cup roasted onions (leftovers from quinoa butternut pilaf)
3 cups turnip greens, roughly chopped
3 cups indiscriminate frozen vegetables (used some Asian stir-fry mix)
1 quart water

Over high heat, combine all ingredients in a large pot, cover, and bring to a boil. Simmer for two minutes or until the frozen veggies have defrosted and cooked completely and the greens are wilted.

Serve with a slice of vegan pepperjack cheeze!

I've been eating sweet potatoes, squash, and the steamed turnips and beets that prompted this soup in order to stay grounded this week as I changed jobs. It was an almost foreign experience, though I have worked in an office before, to come home after eight hours of mostly quiet, small group or individual work. What a difference in energy. What a positive difference.

Parting shots:

This month's challenge exercises.

Last lunch at WFM. That so-called "healthy" stuff.

Too much of the above and too little sleep over the last two months led to these results, and I recorded the measurements on the right as I began P90X on Monday.

 Join me for the hashtag project #socktober #31daysofsocks on Instagram.

Forgot I put a piece of vegan cheeze in my lunch when I packed it a few days prior. Nice surprise.
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