22 February 2014

G-Fr33 | Mug Cake

"What really happens to you if you eat gluten, though?"

Women's Health Magazine has this most enlightening article for all the new faux paus committed around the GF-ers. Actually, saying these things to anyone who has allergies ("I tried soy nut butter once and it was disgusting!" to a peanut allergic person) is rude. Not to be all high and mighty, but a little education goes a long way towards creating a better dining (and kissing) situation.

That being said, eating gluten-free and eating more whole foods (the two generally go together) involves a palate adjustment, visually and physically. TC rightly called me out on using being GF as an excuse to eat even weirder foods.

Green juice and overnight oatmeal, anyone?

06 February 2014

Easing the Spiritual Cramp | Juice Fast II

Fasting brings me back to the natural swing of things: fatigue, hunger, boredom, interest, what gives me joy and what causes me pain. It takes a chainsaw to the social, political, religious, et aliis reasons and justifications I build around certain behaviours.

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