20 September 2014

Beet Sourdough Muffins

I actually don't have a sermon screed today, which probably means one is brewing. I finished Beachbody INSANITY for the second time this morning. Like a customer at WFM said last year, it's harder the second time around. Indeed. This time, though, I didn't go as extreme, and I don't think the absence of INSANITY will make me go, well, insane. I plan to finish September with Blogilates and yoga. October I will do the Blogilates October workout calendar, and since I'm used to doing an hour workouts, I'll do all the videos each day. November I may do P90X all the way through since I exercise outside and I may have to move indoors, for which P90X is perfect.



Overall, I did slightly worse than last year on my fit tests, which goes to show what consistent, though weaksauce, exercise before INSANITY will help your results versus no exercise. I really need to lift weights again to build muscle faster and stronger.


Beet muffins! I ate them as cupcakes with date-based chocolate frosting. Ya like the watermarks? These are my 200-percent less sweet dessert after the Satan Cake revisited.


[yumprint-recipe id='3'] 


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