09 October 2014

Haters | Probiotics

I was right about a rant brewing, but my prescient vision was off by a week. Yes, I finally finished reading Frank Herbert's Dune.

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One of the Artist's Principles from Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way is: "Choose companions who encourage me to do the work, not just talk about the work or why I am not doing the work."


There will always be negative people. You have options to deal with them: avoid, adapt, accept, alter. The "accept" part is new to me since I've heard this list as avoid, adapt, and alter. But I digress.


So on our trip to Cali, we figured out one of TC's friends is a bully, a straight-up, old school, "I will speak the truth as I see it no matter how much it offends others," bully. And narcissist, if my pop psychology Wikipedia-ing serves me right. This blog is sometimes a public square to shame others. Not that shame is a good tool, but it's effective, and sometimes, well, we go to the Dark Side to make a point.


And so we don't talk to him anymore. We know he will continue to put down TC to their mutual acquaintances back in DC. And you know what? Poor character always rears its ugly head. Putting down others--especially those who are less fortunate than you--to bring yourself up is also a Dark Side strategy to (supposedly) get ahead in life. Gossipers get caught with their pants down.


Why the absolutes, Q? Why so sure? You're 23, what do you know? I supposed if I claimed religious experience as proof of Karma being "a real thing," then I'd be just as incredible as anyone else who has claimed intangible events as proof of a concept. What goes around, comes around. Fighting fire with fire means you just get burned, so you might as well rest your case and have patience. Work on your own issues. Ultimately, those who detract from your efforts to achieve your goals in life may have something to teach you, and they may not. Only time will tell, and what does it take to get there? Patience.


Did you know...the bacteria in your gut influence your decisions? True fact. Researchers at University College Cork published an article after experimenting on the effects of malicious and friendly bacteria in the gut and animals' subsequent decisions after the introduction of said bacteria. Their experiments "suggest a role for the gut microbiota in the regulation of anxiety, mood, cognition and pain." Pretty cool, eh?


So, if your gut is feeling and acting a little "off," consider a probiotic supplement or these natural sources of probiotics:

  • yoghurt

  • sauerkraut

  • kombucha

  • kefir

  • spirulina

  • kimchi

  • miso

  • tempeh

Note that these are fermented foods, but not all fermented foods (like, say, wine) are going to help your gut. Since you have to eat anyway, why not try some probiotic foods?

Drink all the 'bucha! GT's Kombucha in Cranberry and Multigreens.



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