29 November 2014

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

First, we bought a package of rice wrappers. Then TC's dad brought us a package of rice wrappers. Then we forgot about the rice wrappers for a while. Finally, we decided to make them a few weeks ago for dinner. My protein for the meal was scrambled tofu in San-J Polynesian sauce and the men's protein was yoghurt-ranch marinated grilled chicken. The salad dressing marinade was my idea, for the record.

 Vietnamese Spring Rolls | Gothic Granola

27 November 2014

WPBB & Writing | Reflections on NaNoWriMo

I spent a good part of 2013 and early 2014 proofreading a novella for a former co-worker, and he self-published it a few months ago. Read it! White Plastic Butterfly Barette by Erin Willis.

 NaNoWriMo 2014 | Gothic Granola

There's some part of WPBB on the ground in this photo, amongst all my other books (mostly religion books) from August 2013.

22 November 2014

Would a Gluten-Free Bullet Kill a Werewolf?

Going gluten-free is not a magic bullet to health, contrary to this article from Paleo Magazine.

If you have, in fact, experienced real intestinal damage at the hands of bread, pizza, cake, and beer, then your health is going to take a nosedive even after becoming gluten-free. Why? The body doesn't heal overnight.

GF Magic Bullet | Gothic Granola


Mmm, cake... Eww, beer...

20 November 2014

Top Five Points of Advice to Webinar Presenters

By "bad" webinars, I mean, "poor quality," for the following reasons. These reasons are presented in a list format, like many webinars giving health and wellness tips; some representative titles: "Top 5 Must-Do's for Small Business Wellness," "Top 5 Cost Neutral Wellness Program Strategies," and "14 Wellness Predictions for 2014."

I've listened to a lot of webinars since entering the world of health and wellness in December 2012, listening to those first live calls with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

 Webinar Tips | Gothic Granola

Grab some stove-popped popcorn and read on. 

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