29 November 2014

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

First, we bought a package of rice wrappers. Then TC's dad brought us a package of rice wrappers. Then we forgot about the rice wrappers for a while. Finally, we decided to make them a few weeks ago for dinner. My protein for the meal was scrambled tofu in San-J Polynesian sauce and the men's protein was yoghurt-ranch marinated grilled chicken. The salad dressing marinade was my idea, for the record.

 Vietnamese Spring Rolls | Gothic Granola


I'm at war with the recipe plugin I was using for a few posts, so it's back to just writing the recipes while I research a new plugin for Wordpress. As my web advisor says, I pay more for this website than most companies pay for theirs, and I want it to look that way, too.

As a vegan, there's not a lot of tough skin to bite through in most foods (raw broccoli and persimmons might be an exception, and kiwi if you eat the skin). Rice wrappers, however, provide a nice bit of resistant chewiness reminiscent of chicken skin. Bloodthirsty vegans, indeed.

Vietnamese Spring Rolls | Gothic Granola

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

  • 1/2 block tofu, pressed, prepared as desired (I pressed it and rolled chunks in San-J Polynesian dipping sauce)

  • 2 large carrots, matchsticked

  • 1 cup snap peas, in pod, rinsed, and any tough bits removed

  • 2 cups bean threads, prepared as directed on package

  • 20 rice paper wrappers

Prep all the veggies and bean threads.

Grease a large plate or container with a bit of oil to keep prepared rolls from sticking. Set aside.

In a large, shallow saucepan over medium heat, heat 1 inch of water until tiny bubbles appear along the edge. Turn off the heat.

Slice tofu into manageable chunks (1 inch cubes worked well).

Set up your workspace with bowls for all the ingredients since you will have to work quickly.

Place one rice wrapper in the warmed water. Let soften (they'll curl if you don't submerge 'em completely). They feel like wet paper towel when softened. Too soft and you have mush; just soft enough feels silky.

Quickly transfer softened wrapper to prep surface. Place in the middle of the wrapper a chunk (2 tablespoons seemed good) of rice noodles, a few matchsticked carrots, a peapod, and a few chunks of tofu.

Fold up the bottom of the roll, fold in the sides, and fold down the top.

Transfer to the prepared plate.

Repeat with the rest of the ingredients!

Vietnamese Spring Rolls | Gothic Granola

Vietnamese Spring Rolls | Gothic Granola










We served these with Annie Chun's GF Peanut Dipping sauce. The sauce was too thick and salty for dipping, so I'd recommend making your own peanut sauce or finding another bottled peanut sauce.


Product recommendation!

Zaza desserts makes some creamy, filling, and delicious raw vegan desserts! If you love not too sweet, (healthy?) fatty desserts, get your fix with Zaza's. One afternoon TC bought me this pumpkin cheezecake and some (not pictured) 'bucha since he knows what I like.

Vietnamese Spring Rolls | Gothic Granola Vietnamese Spring Rolls | Gothic Granola

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