19 January 2015

"Just Walk Away" & Jewelry Sorting





"Just walk away...and there will be an end to the horror."

This is my motto for 2015: "Just walk away." 

Slightly reactive? Perhaps. Sure, I wish I could have walked away from things in my past, but I can live with myself (you are the sum of your deeds, etc.).

Slightly fanboyish? Perhaps. I did attend Wasteland Weekend last year and had a blast.


Just Walk Away | Gothic Granola


Was Lord Humungus sincere in Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior? Probably not. The movie's plot is besides the point, and Lord Humungus' raspy voice only helps me remember the phrase. Just walk away.


Whether it's temporary or permanent walking away, there are things in life from which one should walk away. Addictive behaviours come to mind first and foremost, then bad habits, bad people, bad jobs, and so on and so forth. Using this phrase is a play on the modern yogic "Let go of that which doesn't serve you" hippie catchphrase. It's not really that awful of an idea, but not all of us think in that kind of language. One of the most difficult actions--mental, physical, emotional, spiritual--that we as humans do in our lifetimes is walk away from situations, people, patterns of thought, etc. (Notice a lot of et cetera here because I think the concept applies to multiple areas in life.) Hate is as strong of an attachment as love, so whether it's a positive or negative, say, situation, it can be difficult for one to say, "Ya know what? I'm leaving this crap behind me right now."

Just Walk Away | Gothic Granola



For example, a certain person (me) had an eating disorder relapse in 2013 (it sucked the life out of me, I assure you). If you've never had an addiction, then you probably won't understand how difficult it is to walk away from that to which you are addicted (in my case, sugar). Had I been able to put down the chocolate chips and walk away to do yoga or something more constructive every night, I would have saved myself a lot of pain and suffering. However, I had gotten to a point where I couldn't muster up the self-respect to do that, and I suffered. Without dwelling too much on the past, what ultimately helped me was to practice walking away. To replace in my diet and my mental diet of thoughts, energy-sucking foods with supportive foods (lots of plant protein!!), to replace destructive habits with constructive ones (finding a fun exercise routine! Reading! Writing!). To give myself handholds to walk away (more like crawl away, but steadily) from negative crap that was not worth my time.

 Just Walk Away | Gothic Granola

Something else from which walking away is a good idea: clutter. Note here that "walking away" can have twofold meaning regarding clutter. There's walking away from the attitude that you need a bunch of stuff around you all the time to satisfy some psychological urge that is not being satisfied elsewhere (i.e., hoarding). Or there's walking away from the stuff that you think is holding you back. Both ideas have merit; it's up to you to decide which one--if any--applies to you. De te fabula narratur


Just Walk Away | Gothic Granola

I own quite a bit of sentimentally valuable jewelry, and it had been hanging all tangled together on a carabiner in the corner of my bedroom. I took a grommet-filled strap from a jacket and a pile of recently acquired safety pins, and with the aid of a few thumb tacks, I made a jewelry sorting and displaying ribbon.

IMG_7640 Just Walk Away | Gothic Granola Just Walk Away | Gothic Granola

What you need for this DIY project:

 two thumbtacks or small nails (or more, depending on weight of jewelry and length of belt/strap)

1 grommet-filled strap or belt (remember those grommet belts that were so popular a while back?) or some sturdy fabric that can take being safety-pinned

Safety pins

The size of this assemblage is determined by the wall/bulletin board space available to you and the amount of jewelry you want to hang. In two feet, I hung about twenty necklaces because the grommets were evenly spaced along the complete length of the strap. The idea is that you tack or nail the ends of the strap (and perhaps the middle, if your jewelry is heavy) and voila, start pinning your pieces through the grommets. I recommend a belt or strap with grommets for ease of display and for keeping the jewelry from tangling. You can pin whatever you can fit a safety pin into: rings, bracelets, necklaces.

Just Walk Away | Gothic Granola



My cross collection hasn't been this neatly displayed since college!


Another great "Just Walk Away" piece of audio is "Walk Away" by the Sisters of Mercy.


Alright, done with this post. Time to work on my skirt for next year's Wasteland and for the Dune Weekend TC and I are planning in March.
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