26 February 2015

Snow and Legos | A Post of Entirely Parting Shots

Snow @ night | Gothic Granola


This town has become progressively buried under snow. Despite it being Colorado, high elevation, blah blah blah, northwestern New Jersey still has more snow and colder temperatures. "I like winter/ I like snow/ I like icy winds that blow."


There are several book series that I'd like to thrift up, including the Discworld books and the Little House books. The Laura Ingalls Wilder books I had, but the Terry Pratchett books I don't. I'm almost done reading Roman Dirge's Lenore collections. "Squook" is a terrifying word (read Noogies to find out), and now TC says it all the time, and I'm like, "Nooo, don't squook the duktigs!"

 Minapoo says, "Don't touch mah cake!"

 Legos and snow | Gothic Granola

Chococat in a chocolate wrapper. The chocolate foil gives his "beard antennae" a break.

Legos and snow | Gothic Granola

Have your mind blown by Hello Kitty's revelation.

Jiji eyes up the dessert-tigs.

 Legos and snow | Gothic Granola

Level 100 veganism, even if it's not a vegan cookbook: the original Moosewood Cookbook. Maybe just level 100 granola-ness.

 Legos and snow | Gothic Granola

Good waffles, bad protein powder (in banana vice cream). I'm dutifully throwing down the requisite 20 grams of protein in the morning in order not to snack much during the day. Once it's done, I'm not buying that flavor of Sun Warrior again! I'm a Garden of Life Raw Protein advocate.

 Legos and snow | Gothic Granola

Needed more arrowroot. Cinnamon toast not crunch was, well, not crunchy. Sure was tasty, though, and not nearly as mind-meltingly sweet as the original. I bet there's lead paint on those funny face Pillsbury mugs.

Legos and snow | Gothic Granola They don't talk, like in JTHM.

Fancy dinner of wild rice blend, lemon-pepper tofu, and spinach-starfruit salad.

legos and snow | Gothic Granola

The "oh I should take a picture" moment mid-popover breakfast. Not entirely satisfied with how the popovers turned out, hence no recipe.

Legos and snow | Gothic Granola

It's always time for Lego pizza! The original Lego Pizzeria was my first Lego set. I had dreams of being a pizza chef one day. Then I became vegan and gluten-free and all commercial VGF pizza ends up as crackers with lame sauce and a smattering of dead veggies. So I really should be a pizza chef, still.

Legos | Gothic Granola

Bakery Stephanie (purple), meet Pizza Stephanie (pink).

Then TC designed me another Lego pizza oven, complete with LED tea light, because the tiny one is not enough for a pizza place.

legos | Gothic Granola

I'm no Brothers Brick, but I do like to build Lego houses. I just added the den for the gamer dude I pulled from a "blind bag."

Legos | Gothic Granola

All the black, grey, and dark grey pieces belong to TC so he can build spaceships and other vehicles. I've almost exhausted all the other colours and special bricks in my projects.


Why buy Sculpey Poptarts on Etsy when you can bake your own? (Besides supporting other artists, that is.) Legos and snow | Gothic GranolaArt from TC

 f4cehugg3r | Gothic Granola




*I like Winter by Lois LenskiNow It's Fall is my fave.
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