31 May 2015

Camping and Cookies

Not much is new around here. Last weekend we hiked at my husband's stepfather's family property and we just returned from camping at said property this weekend.

plush cats camping | gothic granola

Pants and Pomely had fun!

TC taught me how to shoot with a .22 rifle on the range at the property. We bear-bagged, left no trace, marked a game path down a slope to the creek, and slept in our new tent (from the now-closed Boulder surplus store, pictured on the right).

Feeling tents?! | Gothic Granola

Last week, I made the giant Mrs. Fields-style cookie cake from Babycakes Covers the Classics. After the requisite "Eww, gross, chickpea flour" substitution and "There's how much fat in this recipe?" reduction, the cookie turned out probably a bit more crumbly than the original. Tastes like a vegan cookie and makes alright bars.


Babycakes Giant Cookie vegan gluten-free | Gothic Granola

It turned out better, albeit less healthy, than this skillet cookie I made three years ago. (Sidebar: Yes, I've been blogging for four years, and I've been in Colorado for one year. Aren't highlighted URLs great?) The whole "giant cookie" concept eludes me yet.

I also made regular waffles from the same Babycakes book, with again the requisite flour mixture substitutions. Despite having more fat than most waffles I've made, they stuck more to the iron. Nothing structure-threatening, just slightly sticky.

Babycakes Waffles vegan gluten-free | Gothic Granola

Mmm, waffles.

Parting Shots:


garden | gothic granola



weasel beer | Gothic Granola
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