29 June 2015

Paleo Green Rice

It certainly has been a busy month! Only one post this June.

paleo green rice vegan gluten-free | gothic granola

Lookit the kalez from the garden!

Week before last, I made cauliflower-broccoli "rice," the fake-starch of all those low-carb/Paleo/Primal people out there. Honestly, primal people who don't hunt their own meat? What is that, anyway? J/k, we're nutrition-theory agnostic here...kind of. I certainly don't eat low-carb, but I like using my Vitamix, and cauliflower "rice" is a blendered dish.

paleo green rice vegan gluten-free | gothic granola

Without further ado, I present a ferociously cruciferous recipe.

[yumprint-recipe id='10'] 

Serve with other leftover crudites, a grilled tofu pup, and hommos. Vegan proteins!


paleo green rice vegan gluten-free | gothic granola

The above meal looks like one of the Insanity-days meals of 2013 when my friend Rach and I would eat dinner together in the summer.

paleo green rice vegan gluten-free | gothic granola

Would be great with tahini and lemon/vinegar...and real brown rice and crumbled baked tofu, kind of like this recipe.


All that comes to mind is Combichrist's "Throat Full of Glass":
And I wish I'd never been

And I know it's just a dream

Now I'm blind, I can open my eyes

Can't stay awake, buried alive

I cannot breathe this poison air filled with lies

I cannot see what's done to me

Live in fear, the sun is falling from the sky



I have less than 100 posts to go until I've re-posted my entire blog on this Wordpress.org  CMS/BlueHost blog! Yay! I think it's good to look back on one's life and be able to laugh, and indeed, I have written many a time in my notebooks when I did not feel like laughing, that I would probably look back on that moment and laugh. Same with my blog posts from 2012-2013: I can laugh at myself, but in a compassionate, "Oh, if only I had known, but now I do" way. I picked up Julia Cameron's Finding Water, which I bought for my thesis but didn't follow in its entirety. It's time for a little spiritual chiropractic, as Cameron calls the Morning Pages.

Independence Pass, Colorado | Gothic Granola

In July, I will have been doing Morning Pages for seven years. Seven years! I haven't even exercised consistently for seven years. I've only been meditating for five years (in August). Writing three pages of stream of consciousness each morning has been a constant, though, and I credit a lot of my academic success to being primed to write through Morning Pages. My grandfather jokingly talks about having "trained" my grandmother to make his coffee just the right way and follow his routine, but I trained my husband TC to give me space to do my morning pages (and to keep his nose out of them).

Independence Pass, Colorado | Gothic GranolaWrite on, my friends.
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