De Nomine


If we must use labels as a convenience on this earthly plane, two labels that fit me are "goth" and "granola."


I enjoy bats, coffins, Bauhaus, Specimen, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Christian Death, visiting cemeteries, nineteenth century literature, vampires, nineteenth-century and cyber fashion.


I also enjoy tofu, trees, veganism, buying in bulk, anything from the Moosewood Collective, nutritional yeast, and consignment shops.


The DIY (Do It Yourself) ethic unites the two.


I like to make and eat granola while listening to playlists that originated in the late '70s in the Batcave and wearing all black clothing (with a fair few t-shirts from here).


I do not claim to represent all of goth-dom or granola-ity. Generally, these labels are applied externally, though I wait for the day when I'm so goth I think labels are passe. They are, from an ultimate perspective, unimportant.


Be nice, kids. Do less harm, and less harm will be done to you.


Q's Code of Ethics: CAKE


How do I show...






To other humans? To other sentient beings? To the environment?


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